May 11, 2024- The Precautionary Drinking Water Advisory for Meadowlark Estates has been rescinded.

The chlorine levels, in the distribution system, are being maintained above the regulatory limit at
all times.

May 10, 2024- The chlorine levels at Meadowlark Estates are back above the minimum 50ppm requirement as determined by the Water Security Agency

January 23, 2024- Due to lower water usage in the winter and the length of the waterline to Meadowlark Estates, the chlorine levels have dropped. Therefore, a Precautionary Drinking Water Advisory has been issued for the residents of Meadowlark Estates.

A Precautionary Drinking Water Advisory (PDWA) may be issued at the discretion of the Water Security Agency for planned or unplanned water disruptions.

Please see the example of a PDWA notification below: